Dried Figs Taxiarchis, Evia

Dried Figs Taxiarchis

Known for their pale yellow color, soft and rich flesh and pleasant and sweet taste, the Dried Figs of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis are a unique product that stands out for its high-quality, and can be included in all sorts of traditional products shops and delis, restaurants or even hotels.
Being a super versatile ingredient, dried figs are a refined superfood, giving an authentic, fruity taste note to any recipe of the healthy, Mediterranean diet.

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Special Features

Why choose our dried figs ?

Figs are harvested and prepared in a traditional way.
preparation of figs for natural drying under the sun.
They are naturally naturally under the sun through sustainable methods
Figs drying naturally under the sun.
Fresh figs, dripping honey like sugars.
They have a particularly long shelf life (12 months on average) due to their high sugar content.
Figs standardization under strict specifications and regulations.
They maintain their quality thanks to the strict quality standards.

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Does your business fall into one of the following categories?
Shop selling dried fruits and nuts


Greece or abroad
  1. Excellent product quality with a reputation in the food market
  2. Has acquired PDO certification and has received multiple awards in the past
  3. Ideal for small shops with dried fruits and nuts
Taxiarchis Dried Figs inside a fridge in a Supermarket


or grocery strore
  1. It is a high-quality product preferred by the consumer
  2. Strengthens the identity of your businessς
  3. It is a superfood with multiple health benefits
Breakfast including figs in Hotel


or other property
  1. Offer a superfood to your guests
  2. It's an excellent welcome-treat
  3. Can be provided in room's mini-bar
  4. Chef can create delicious dishes or can be a valuable addition in the breakfast

Our Products

Distinguished for their sweet, rich taste, Taxiarchis Dried Figs are our most popular product, having received numerous international distinctions for their excellent quality.
Our figs are produced exclusively in North Evia from fig trees of the Smyrna variety, and are available in 250, 500 grams as well as in 2 & 5 kg packages.
Our cartons of 5 and 10 kg are mainly addressed to wholesalers or to be sold by the kilo.

Nutrition value


249 Kcal


3.6 g


55.3 g


54.6 g


0.70 g


4.00 g

Dried Figs Packaging

Dried figs packaging

With the specifications of a modern packaging unit…

Always prioritizing the consumer as well as the distributor, within a facility equipped to fully meet all the specifications of a modern packaging unit, the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis, drawing from years of experience, has adopted a specific fig packaging process, ensuring the high quality of our products.

Taxiarchis figs belong to the Smyrna variety and are widely known for their premium quality. They are produced and packaged in Taxiarchis, in northern Evia, and are exported all over the world. They have PDO certification since 2013.

Figs were offered as a "medal" to the winners of the first Olympic Games, while athletes consumed them as a superfood during training. The Ancient Greeks even considered them 'more valuable than gold'.

What makes us stand out


Starting from the harvesting to the packaging of the Dried Figs, everything is done very close to the harvesting area. The figs drying procedure is done exclusively naturally by the sun.

First Quality

The production process of the dried figs is carried out exclusively by the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis and within a designated area, ensuring the high quality of the product.

Worldwide Coverage

A large part of the Association's production is exported abroad, more specifically to countries such as Kuwait, China, Canada, Australia, Egypt and other countries.