Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with Us

Do you manage a hotel, a supermarket, or supply products to small and large shops?

Explore how you can work with the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis and include our dried figs in your store's products or supply them for your restaurant.

Who we work with

Do you fall into one of the following categories?

Retail outlets

of traditional products or chain stores with direct supply of products.

Marketing & Distribution Companies

in Greece or abroad, who want to include Taxiarchis figs in their product range.

Merchants and Companies

that want a private label for the products (their own packaging).

Retail outlets

such as restaurants, hotels, confectioneries.

For Merchants

Whether you supply small or large stores in Greece or abroad, or you are looking for traditional products to include them in your own store, the dried figs of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis provide a guaranteed solution, as they are a traditional Greek product of top quality that has acquired PDO certification.

Retail shop with nuts and Taxiarchis dried figs
Taxiarchis dried figs in a supermarket fridge

For Super Markets

The dried figs of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis are available in supermarkets in 250 and 500 gram packages. So far we are actively cooperating with large chains, such as the supermarkets Sklavenitis and AB Vassilopoulos, but we are considering cooperation with more supermarkets of the same or smaller size.

For Hotels

The dried figs of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis are a traditional product of the Mediterranean cuisine, with multiple benefits, which makes them ideal for addition to the mini bar, an excellent welcome treat that you can offer along with a local decoction, while you can include them in various recipes of your hotel restaurant. By including Dried Figs Taxiarchis in the menu, any hotel will be able to enhance the sense of tradition and convey the Greek gastronomic culture to its guests.

Breakfast including Taxiarchis figs from Evia
Dried figs Taxiarchis package and some cut figs

For Restaurants

We fully understand the need for variety and originality in restaurants. Our dried figs can be a unique addition to your recipes, adding unique flavours and aromas to your dishes. Look for inspiration in our variety of applications - from simple sophisticated salads to traditional recipes and modern creations that will amaze your customers.