The Environmental Sustainability of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis
Sustainability Practices
The Environmental Sustainability of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis

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The Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis is extremely sensitive to issues related to environmental and human well-being. For this reason, both farmers and staff of the Association regularly attend educational seminars and trips, focusing on environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. This ongoing education and awareness program ensures that everyone involved is well-informed and equipped to farm the land in an environmentally respectful manner..

Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Techniques

The way the figs are cultivated is another typical example of the environmental sustainability of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis. The figs are grown very close to the harvesting area and with carefully selected agricultural techniques that are environmentally friendly. By following these sustainable practices, the Taxiarchis Agricultural Association manages to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and preserve the natural resources of the area.

Fig leafs and new fig growing
Figs, naturally drying under the sun

Natural Drying Process

Furthermore, the association applies an exclusively natural process of drying the figs. More specifically, the figs are carefully spread out in special baskets, allowing them to dry naturally and slowly under optimum conditions. This traditional approach not only ensures that the unique flavours of the figs are preserved, but also eliminates the need for energy-intensive artificial drying methods. As a result, the association produces excellent quality figs that are sought after both locally and internationally.

Social Responsibility

However, apart from environmental sustainability, the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis also gives priority to social responsibility. Each year, the association provides employment opportunities to a significant number of seasonal workers, the majority of whom are local residents from the surrounding communities. This approach aims to strengthen the local economy, but also the sense of community.

Workers packaging Taxiarchis dried figs
Workers during Figs packaging process in Evia

Sustainable Working Conditions

Finally, the Association maintains a core team of permanent administrative and technical staff members who oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure its smooth running. However, when necessary, we recruit additional staff to handle the increased workload during peak periods.