In this section you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Dried figs of Evia and the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis.

  • How can I work with Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis?
    The Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis supplies its products to stores and retail chains, as well as to food trading and distribution companies in Greece and abroad, direct consumption stores such as restaurants, hotels and pastry shops, and traders.
  • What’s the lifespan of Dried Figs Taxiarchis?
    With proper maintenance, the dried figs of Taxiarchis have a shelf life of about 12 months. The ideal conditions are a cool place out of the sun and wrapped to prevent deterioration from the air.
  • In which quantities can I order Dried Figs?
    The dried figs can be found in packets of 250 and 500g, as well as in bags of 300g or in cassettes of 2 and 3 kg. For larger orders there are also pallets of 2 and 5 kg (packed as well). Furthermore, you can buy in bulk in 5 and 10 kg boxes. The minimum order quantity depends on many factors, such as location, time, category of figs, type of packaging and quantity.
  • Can I order figs for resale and have them packaged with my own logo design?
    The Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis gives you the opportunity to market our Dried Figs with your own private label. You will have to provide us with the necessary graphic material, such as printed cards, boxes or rolls (film) for bags with your company's logo and branding, we have the necessary equipment to provide you with a private label.
  • I need dried figs for my restaurant kitchen. What kind of cooperation is envisaged?
    If you own a restaurant and want to buy small quantities for your kitchen needs, you can find them either in wholesale chains, you can buy them directly from Taxiarchis association itself based on availability, or contact one of the company's official merchants.
  • Where can I find the dried figs of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis as an ordinary consumer?
    Our products can be found at our headquarters in Taxiarchis Istiaiaia in North Evia, in shops with local products or nuts all over Greece and nationwide in the supermarkets Sklavenitis and AB Vassilopoulos. There is also a worldwide network of shops and dealers.
  • Which are the health benefits of N. Evia Dried Figs?
    Figs are labeled as a superfood. Their properties are not limited to the energy they give to the body as they also help with the following, among other things: cardiovascular health, better digestion, strong bones, healthy skin.
  • How can I include dried figs in my daily diet?
    Figs and fig by-products can make every meal special. From a delicious homemade jam to an energy snack for during the day or a light salad in the evening, figs can be used in a multitude of recipes as a healthy and nutrient-rich ingredient.
  • What vitamins do figs contain?
    Figs have Vitamin A, B, C and E making them a valuable ally of our immune system.
  • Why is the fig considered a superfood?
    Figs have Vitamins A, B, C and E. At the same time they have a high content of Calcium: 200mg / 100g, Potassium: 330mg / 100g, Fibre, Antioxidants and a very good content of Magnesium, Iron, Folic Acid and Polyphenols. All this makes figs a valuable fruit that not only shields the immune system but has multiple benefits for the body. They also enhance the feeling of satiety.
  • What is the nutritional value of dried figs?
    249 Kcal
    3.6 g
    55.3 g
    54.6 g
    0.70 g
    4.00 g
  • Are Taxiarchis’ North Evia Figs labeled with a protected designation of origin (PDO)?
    Taxiarchis dried figs have acquired PDO since 2013. On the website of the Ministry of Rural Development there is the corresponding entry as well as the specifications. There is a corresponding posting in the official EU Journal.
  • Which Figs Variety does the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis use?
    Dried Figs Taxiarchis belong to the Smyrna or Monophoric variety and are distinguished for their excellent quality fresh or dried figs, their pale pale yellow color, sweet aroma and rich flavor. The Smyrna variety is renowned for the large and sweet fruit it produces, while its trees are distinguished by their high productivity and long life span of 50 to 60 years. It is cultivated in warm or cool coastal areas and is mostly found in Evia.
  • What’s the drying process of the Taxiarchis figs?
    After bleaching, the dried Taxiarchis figs are spread out in special "sunbeds", in which they remain for 9 to 12 days where they are naturally dried by the sun and then collected by the producer once they have the right moisture content.