Packaging of the dried figs

Always prioritizing the consumer and the distributor, within a facility equipped with equipment that fully meets all the specifications of a modern packaging unit, the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis, drawing from years of experience, has adopted a specific fig packaging process from Evia. This process ensures the high quality of our products.

The standardisation process

of the dried figs consists of the following steps:

  1. 01 Collection
  2. 02 Disinfestation
  3. 03 Washing - Dehumidification
  4. 04 Quality control
  5. 05 Packaging
  6. 06 Palletization
Figs Collection


Initially, the figs, carried by the producers, are transported to the reception building, where a first sorting of size and quality takes place before the packaging process begins. This building is located in Istiia, more specifically on the provincial road from Istiia to Edipsos, thus facilitating access for all producers in the area.
Figs gathered for disinfestation


Once the figs have been received, they are fumigated, which follows all the regulations, always in accordance with procedures and products approved by the Ministry. In this way, the elimination of any micro-organisms is achieved, thus protecting the quality of the Evia figs.
Washing & Dehumidification machines for dried figs

Washing - Dehumidification

At the end of the fumigation, the figs are transferred and the process continues in special washing machines at the Association's packing plant, where the figs are washed at 60-65 degrees, in order to remove any soil residues before dehydration and thus ensure the best possible quality.
Packaging & Palletization of dried figs

Packaging & Palletization

The last step is the packaging of the dried figs of Evia, during which, in compliance with all hygiene rules, only the best quality figs are carefully selected and finally palletized so that they are ready for loading and shipment.

Types of packaging

The N. Evia dried figs of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis are available in multiple packages, in order to meet the needs of all our customers.

Nowadays, you can find our dried figs both in packages of 250 and 500 grams and in bags of 300 grams. These packages have been chosen as they are ideal for sale in supermarkets, traditional shops and hotel mini-bars.

In addition to the above-mentioned, we also pack the dried figs in larger packages. In particular, there is the 2 and 3 kg box in series, the 5 kg box in series and in bulk, and the 10 kg box in bulk. These packs are not intended for resale, but are extremely useful for restaurants and/or confectioners.

Private Label

The dried figs of Evia of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarchis are available in customized packages, in order to further strengthen your brand identity.

Taxiarchis Agricultural Association gives you the opportunity to market our Dried Figs with your own private label, as we can provide you with printed cards, boxes or ready-made rolls for bags with your company's logo and branding.

Private Label makes Figs ideal for:
  • Goodbye Gifts to Hotels
  • Resale by Small Merchants
  • Small Boutique Shops with their own branding

Pictures of the packing plant and the packaging process